Basic underwear favoured over skimpy styles: study

A new survey on consumers’ lingerie tastes has revealed that men and women find basic underwear more attractive than sexier styles.

The Sock Shop One Poll survey, published ahead of Valentine’s Day, reviewed the underwear preferences of 1000 consumers, and found that men and women’s tastes are similar when it comes to underwear style and colour.

Both men and women ranked the classic French knickers and bra combination as the most popular women’s underwear look, with 31% of women and a quarter of men choosing it as their preferred look.

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This was closely followed in popularity by the simple bra and cotton briefs, a classic and less glamorous look favoured for comfort.

Following hot on the heels of classic red and black, white came out as the third most popular choice for underwear colour with 24% of men 14% of women preferring the simple shade.

Sock Shop director Paul Hanley said: “Looking at men and women’s preferences in women’s underwear looks has blown apart some of the traditional perceptions people hold, for example that men prefer the sexier, glamourous looks and don’t find simpler combinations attractive.

“It’s clear from this research that as well as women finding the simple looks attractive and practical, there is a degree of attraction in these looks for men too – an aspect of ‘less is more’. Although respondents were also selecting the glamourous, traditionally ‘sexy’ looks like silk corset, thong and suspenders, and lacy thong and bra set, this was to a lesser degree than the more popular simple options.

“As we celebrate Valentine’s Day as a nation, without a doubt the most popular time of year for buying and gifting underwear, it is worth both men and women bearing in mind these research findings – it would seem that simple really is sexy.”



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