Baci signs multi-million dollar Scandinavian deal

Baci Lingerie has signed an exclusive partnership deal with Scandinavian wholesaler X-rated after months of negotiations with three large distributors.

X-Rated, Aps., headquartered in Demark, will deal with the distribution of the Baci Lingerie brand on its introduction into the Scandinavian market.

The company is projecting a multimillion-dollar sales turnover based on its research of the Scandinavian market and has signed an agreement with Baci Lingerie Scandinavia which guarantees a turnover of more than $1 million (£636,000) in the first year, followed by millions more the following annum.

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Baci Lingerie chief operations officer Robert Rosen said: "We’re very proud and excited to enter the Scandinavian market. The success of this expansion will certainly be based on the partnership between two companies that share the same concept of affordable luxury."

Baci Lingerie continues to invest more than $60 (£38) million towards global expansion, with the aim to open some of the most extravagant stores ever seen in the lingerie business. Both Baci Lingerie and X-Rated are already in talks to open up Baci Lingerie mono-brand stores throughout Scandinavia.



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