Baci Lingerie opens showroom and store in Holland

US lingerie brand Baci Lingerie has announced the opening of its showroom and mono brand store in Holland.

The Baci Lingerie brand distributor in the Netherlands opened its first showroom two weeks ago in one of Holland’s premier shopping districts.

The showroom, which is located in the Body Fashion Center in Amersfoort, kicked off with a grand opening party with a fashion show.

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The showroom was strategically scheduled to open before the first Baci Lingerie mono brand store to garner interest for the brand. The showroom will be used primarily as a tool for the exclusive Netherlands brand distributor to expand it business and as a platform to introduce Baci Lingerie to retailers.

The Baci Lingerie mono brand store will open next month and, at approximately 125 m², will be one of the largest worldwide to date. The two floored mono brand store will echo all of the details featured in the showroom, but on a larger and grander scale.

Baci Lingerie chief operating officer Robert Rosen said: “There has been great demand for a Baci Lingerie mono brand store in Holland and the opening of this store will be bring tremendous brand awareness to Baci Lingerie.

“The great location coupled with the impressive size of the store is going to vastly improve upon Baci Lingerie’s already excellent shopping experience.”

A Baci Lingerie Netherlands representative said: “The showroom and store are the result of a lot of hard work and dedication. We are ready to reap the benefits of all of our hard work, and know that our Baci Lingerie showroom and mono brand store are definitely going to have a big impact. Also, we are close to finalizing with an investment group to open several mono brand stores in the very near future in Holland.”



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