Baci Lingerie opens first mono brand store

Affordable luxury brand Baci Lingerie has signed an exclusive deal with Trade Line Group, the largest adult wholesaler in Hungary.

As part of the agreement, the company will open a minimum of 60 Baci Lingerie mono brand stores in locations throughout the country, which are predicted to create millions of dollars of turnover a year.

The deal with Trade Line Group Ltd. took place after the two companies met during the International Lingerie show in Las Vegas.

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Trade Line Group, which has been operating under Kenex Group Ltd since 1995, has one of the largest wholesale businesses in Hungary for the adult market.

Baci Lingerie chief operations officer Robert Rosen said: “The passion and dedication that Trade Line has shown to become no.1 in their country and their knowledge and experience of the market in Hungary was extremely impressive."

“One of the things that impressed us the most about Trade Line Group was their unbelievable contacts and connections with all of the best malls and retail location in Hungary, which will enable the opening of Baci Lingerie mono brand stores in only prime locations. We were so impressed with Trade Lines ability to quickly put Baci Lingerie mono brand store in the best location that we decided to open our first European Baci Lingerie mono brand store in Hungary.”

Trade Line Group chief executive Tamas Takacs added: “We’re are extremely pleased to be partnering with Baci Lingerie, and very much looking forward to making this unbelievable brand no.1 in Hungary… We have been pioneering and leading the market in Hungary for the past 15 years and our experience and dedication make us a perfect fit to build a very strong brand in our country. Baci Lingerie has provided us with all the tools and support to deliver the ambitious and rapid growth we have planned for this brand.”

Anyone who is interested in investing in Baci Lingerie mono brand stores, in any country, can e-mail Baci Lingerie at for more information.



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