Baci Lingerie makes erotic collection in plus size

Baci Lingerie, which launched this year with a multi-million dollar promotional campaign, is looking to capitalise on the buzz surrounding the brand with the addition of plus-size items in its erotic lingerie range.

The Plus Collection will include 160 styles, which have been selected from the original full collection that launched in April this year.

The retail launch is expected in January 2011.

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Robert Rosen, chief operating officer of Baci Lingerie said: “We are excited to introduce the Plus Collection. Our goal is to provide the most beautifully designed high quality and best presented lingerie for the lowest price so that every woman in the world has the chance to experience our Affordable Luxury.”

Baci Lingerie has been researching the market for plus size erotic lingerie via online sex toy stores in Europe, leading to what Rosen describes as guaranteed 100 percent consumer satisfaction.

Baci Lingerie is actively recruiting wholesales and retailers across the world. Details at




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