Baci Lingerie invests $300 million over 5 years

Baci Lingerie has announced that it will be investing $300 million over the next five years in its mono-brand concept, opening 3000 stores over five continents.

The brand is seeking to develop a ‘unique twist’ to franchising, providing partners with the concepts and tools for them to develop and open stores within their territories in a very quick period of time.

Baci Lingerie chief operating officer Robert Rosen said: “We are planning with partners to develop stores in prime markets across the global by investing a tremendous amount of money into initial costs of opening a Baci Lingerie Mono Brand store. Additionally, we will not be charging licensing fees or collecting royalty fees so that partners will be able to find entrepreneurs who will be able to open a mono brand store very quickly and efficient at a minimal cost to investors.”

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The Baci Lingerie stores will be designed to include a minimum 50 new products every month. They will also be designed to capitalize on the best photos and videos in the industry by providing special 65-inch vertical video screens, which will display every month new photo presentations of Baci Lingerie’s seasonal styles. Additional features will also include large light fixtures, chandlers and separate video screens showing the brand’s product videos.

Rosen added: “We have already finalized agreements to open 400 Baci Lingerie stores from South Africa to Europe, and are close to completing deals for in different states in the U.S. I believe the reason why this concept will be so successful is the fact that we are investing $300 million in the next five years to ensure that stores can be opened quickly, efficiently and most importantly affordably.

"We have taken a slightly different approach to the franchising concept which allows entrepreneurs to still have the ability to obtain the standardized concept of our brand at an extremely affordable price. This is a win, win, win situation for everyone.”



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