Baci donates bras to women in need

Baci Lingerie has donated over 1,000 bras to victims of the recent tornadoes in Moore, Oklahoma.

The bras were donated through the XO Oklahoma organization, which is operated by the Kerr Foundation, a non-profit group which promotes education, art, health and human services in the Midwestern state. Speaking about the donation, Baci Lingerie director of sales and operations Alicia Sinclair stated: “we are very happy to be able to help, and encourage other companies to do what they can. We hope this is a step towards healing and recovery for the women of Moore after this terrible disaster.”

Moore, which is located in an area known as “Tornado Alley,” was struck on May 20th by a tornado that created path of destruction 16.2 miles long and 2 miles wide, resulting in 24 deaths and several hundred injuries. Ten days later, another tornado hit the town, causing flooding and additional casualties.

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Baci Lingerie owner Frank Koretsky said in a press release: “organizations like XO Oklahoma and The Kerr Foundation are crucial in times of natural disasters such as the one recently experienced in Moore. Grassroots organizations that can reach and help local residents quickly and efficiently in times of crisis are so important – and we’re happy to assist them with our donations. Baci urges everyone to find ways to help; together, we can create a positive road to recovery for everyone affected.”



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