Ayten Gasson reaffirms its commitment to ethical

Ayten Mustafa, designer and owner of Ayten Gasson Lingerie, has reaffirmed her commitment to ethical sourcing and British manufacturing at a presentation to university students and staff in Nottingham.

A conference entitled Global vs Ethical, hosted by The Trend Boutique, explored how businesses can use ethical practices to improve their competitiveness in global markets.

Mustafa used her presentation to highlight why she has chosen to introduce sustainable fabrics and reclaimed laces into her collections, as well explaining her firm commitment and continued support for the UK manufacturing industry.

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“I feel it is important to highlight the moral responsibility we have as designers to produce our garments in an ethical environment – which may be in many forms from the sustainability of the fabrics used to the treatment of the workers producing the garment,” she said.

Mustafa defined what she interprets as ethical trading, including her continued use of Peace silk and Organic silk in her latest collections. The London based designer also briefly spoke about the history of organic silk production, vegan silk and the tragedy of the declining lace industry in Nottingham.




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