Ayten Gasson introduces boxed gift sets

Ayten Gasson has introduced a new series of boxed gift sets, this season.

The classic matt black boxes, closed with magnetic fastenings, contain a limited edition silk knicker, handmade in workrooms in Nottingham and trimmed with the brand’s signature vintage Nottingham lace.

The boxes will also contain a selection of matching silk garters and eyemasks, with a handmade soap or candle by Dizzy Flea

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Ayten Gasson creative director Ayten Mustafa said: “I am thrilled to offer our customers these ultimate gift boxes, which will hopefully make searching for the perfect gift a thing of the past. When creating each box I have tried to keep in mind all of our online customers, whether it be a bride looking for the ideal bridesmaid gift, a guy searching for something special for his partner, or something for the bride herself.

“I have also tried to cover all budgets, with prices ranging from £48 – £68. I have also been a fan of Dizzy Flea for quite a while and was delighted to be able to offer her handmade soaps and candles to our customers. Each of Dizzy Flea’s products is made in Nottingham England using eco ingredients. I feel that Dizzy Flea’s hand made products complement each of our gift boxes perfectly.”

Options include a Rose-themed selection, a deluxe ‘Eco Bride Hamper,’ and Blush and White boxed sets.



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