Asos retains top spot in Pinterest Xmas battle

Asos has beaten Amazon and John Lewis to the top spot for the most shared web content on Pinterest in the run up to Christmas.

For the second year in a row, images and pages for were shade most frequently on the social network, according to a study by marketing firm Searchmetrics on the top ten UK retail sites.

The study found that content from currently generates 7,202 pins per week, nearly five times more than (1,620 pins) and almost seven times more than (1,096 pins).

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In total, 656,851 links to content on were found to have been pinned (shared) by Pinterest users in the week ending November 21.

Nine out of ten retailers in Searchmetrics’ study were found to have set up their own official Pinterest pages.

The only site without its own page was’s Pinterest page shows it is leading the way on Pinterest by attracting 198,385 followers, nearly four times greater than the nearest other retailer,, with 41,878 followers.

Top UK Retailers on Pinterest this Christmas 2014 shopping season

1. 7,202 pins per week, 656,851 total pins, 198,385 followers
2. 1,620 pins per week, 176,990 total pins
3. 1,096 pins per week, 198,697 total pins, 8,875 followers
4. 761 pins per week, 53,321 total pins, 14,745 followers
5. 586 pins per week, 35,764 total pins, 41,878 followers
6. 554 pins per week, 131,857 total pins, 13,856 followers
7. 531 pins per week, 119,970 total pins, 9,884 followers
8. 508 pins per week, 36,556 total pins, 26,986 followers
9. 448 pins per week, 22,712 total pins, 3,753 followers
10. (B&Q): 71 pins per week, 8,312 total pins, 3,785 followers



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