Architecture inspires limited edited collection from Nichole De Carle

Lingerie brand Nichole de Carle London has launched a limited edition range, inspired by the creative director’s travels and favourite architectural icons, with customisation available to retailers and online.

From the basket weave detailing of the New York’s Chrysler Building, to the symmetry in the Palace of Westminster, each piece of the hand-made collection takes influence from iconic landmarks from de Carle’s travels.

As each piece is handmade in London studio the brand is able to offer retailers customised colours to fit in with their marketing calendars.

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There are between three and seven styles per capsule available which can incorporate lace, Swarovski crystals, beaded fabrics, tweed, feathers, embroidery etc.

When asked about how the edition fits with the latest lingerie trends, creative director Nichole de Carle told Lingerie Insight: “Most lingerie brands from luxury to high street now offer pieces designed to be seen.

She continued: “A lace bodysuit with a pencil skirt, bright colours under a white t-shirt or high waisted knickers showing through a sheer skirt. We are accustomed to this in fashion blogs and on the red carpet but the trend is quite accessible and we are seeing more people enjoying the idea of subtle sexiness in their everyday wardrobe.

We have always pioneered this idea of ‘lingerie as outerwear’ but we stand out with the shapes we use, which are generally geometric and confident, for a special occasion. Our seasonal lingerie collections are softer and easy to wear everyday, with more lace and a feminine colour palette.”



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