Arcadia strike goes ahead on Cyber Monday

Workers at a Topshop supply depot in Solihull staged a walkout this morning over a minimum wage dispute.

GMB members at Spectrum Arcadia formed a picket outside the depot at 5am this morning, on Cyber Monday, one of the busiest online retail days of the year.

More than 50 workers gathered outside the depot after accusing Philip Green, the former BHS boss, of “breath-taking arrogance” following his alleged indifference to the strike.

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David Warwick, GMB Organiser, said: “I am very proud of all the GMB members who stuck up for what they believed in and gave Philip Green a bloody nose this morning.

“While he was no doubt sunning himself on his luxury yacht, they formed a lively, good spirited picket in conditions that felt more like Siberia than Solihull.”

“Hopefully the billionaire former BHS boss will now do the right thing, and give our hard-working members a decent, living wage.”

GMB union members are demanding to be paid the “real living wage” of £8.45, the figure recommended by the Living Wage Foundation.

They are reportedly all paid the National Minimum Wage of £7.20.



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