AP designer expects lingerie tastes to get riskier

Agent Provocateur’s creative director Sarah Shotton suggests the models used by most lingerie brands are far less sexy than real women with curves.

Speaking to Wall Street Journal blog Heard on the Runway, Shotton revealed: “I see naked women all the time, and it’s the curvier ones that are sexiest.”

“Men really love [the wiggle of flesh],” she continued. “They don’t want some athletic leg that doesn’t have any movement. Marilyn Monroe, she’s the sexiest woman. When she walked, she had that wiggle. She used to drive men wild.”

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Shotton believes that the current trend for women buying and wearing more exciting lingerie is only going to intensify. “Women are becoming more brave. Because of all the books people are reading, like 50 Shades of Gray, it’s going to get more adventurous. I think women are going to build more lingerie wardrobes,” she told WSJ.

“The lingerie trend is going to keep going; I think it’s going to get more risqué—not tacky, but a little bit more strappy, a little bit more stylish,” she concluded.




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