Ann Summers likens F1 race car to sex toy

Ann Summers has likened the elongated nose cone of a new Formula 1 race car to one of its sex toy collections.

Toro Rosso’s latest model, the SRT9, drew attention from across the globe after the lingerie maker took to Twitter on Monday to compare the nose design to one of its products.

The post read: “So it looks like Toro Rosso have taken inspiration from our sex toy collections #collaborationopportunity”, along with a close-up of the SRT9’s nose (originally taken by motor racing journalist Adam Cooper.”

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As it geared up to its first pre-season test at Jerez in Spain today, it is unlikely that Toro Rosso was expecting its new car to be compared to a phallic-like object.

But at least the Italian car manufacturer, owned by Red Bull, gained a few more Twitter followers after Ann Summers’ post was retweeted more than 2,500 times.




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