Ann Summers appeals against ad ban

Lingerie retailer Ann Summers has appealed against a ban on its Halloween radio ad by The Radio Advertising Clearance Centre (RACC).

The radio commercial, which featured a woman screaming, was described by a spokesman for the RACC as including ‘fairly overt sexual references in terms of sound effects.’

Ann Summers has appealed against the decision and a spokesman for the brand said: “We strive to deliver the Ann Summers message in a playful and tongue in cheek way, never taking the brand, or ourselves, too seriously. We believe that Britons are broad-minded and would understand the topical and cheeky nature of our advert. “

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Ann Summers chief executive Jacqueline Gold added: “We have appealed the decision made by the RACC and would love to know what the great British public think. We are proud of our brand that always sparks debate and we hope this gets people talking about sex in a positive way.”

Listen to the radio advertisement:



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