Anita hosts training days for Rigby & Peller

Anita UK hosted two events for Rigby & Peller during Breast Cancer Awareness month to ensure the retailer has trained staff in all of its stores for post-surgical customers.

Twenty-five members of staff were trained during the two sessions on care and recovery after surgery, creating bra wardrobes for post-surgical women, special requirements for ladies with lymphedema, breast form selection and fitting techniques.

Anita UK managing director Jemma Barnes commented: “It is always a real pleasure to work with a retailer in this way, the needs of a post-surgical lady are very specific and Anita want to ensure that we are doing all we can to enable and equip our business partners with the knowledge and skills needed to give their customers the best possible advice and service.

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“The team at Rigby were a pleasure to work with, everyone participated fully and we were pleased to be able to present the attendees with an Anita Care certificate at the conclusion of the day,” added Barnes.

Rigby & Peller training manager Dita Summerfield said: “As a result of Anita’s product training we are now able to create the Lingerie Wardrobe for all ladies, including the ones who had a breast surgery, are pregnant or breastfeeding.”




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