The Anita UK team has announced the launch of a new post-surgical range following an intensive training course at the brand’s headquarters in Austria.

The training was carried out at the Anita Distribution Centre by Ruth Stratman, who designed the new Lymph O fit range, and Beate Raupach, head of international training for Anita.

The Lymph O Fit products are specialist items designed to assist women suffering from light lymphodema’s following the removal of lymph nodes at the time of their breast surgery.

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These products include the Lymph O Fit bra, the Lymph O Fit arm sleeve with hand, the Lymph O Fit arm sleeve and the Lymph O Fit glove.

They are all made with a specialist fabric that massages the skin to improve the flow of fluids around the body. The aim is to prevent an edema – a swelling caused by the build-up of lymph fluid following surgery.

Anita Care has also announced that there are two high-tech bras on the horizon.

The first is a seamless post-op compression bra featuring a stitch-free, terry-lined interior. This makes it suitable for wearers who find the seam that joins the underband of a bra to the cups uncomfortable on their scar.

The second technical innovation is the Post OP Mastectomy Bra (1091). This garment has two separate cups – one is a regular bra cup with no compression and the other features pocket on the inside to hold a temporary soft breast form.

On the side that sits closest to the skin on the operated area; the pocket is lined with the Lymph O Fit fabric, which will lay gently over the scar tissue to gently massage, apply light compression and help with the healing process.