American retailer sells Donald Trump swimwear

An American fashion retailer has created a bizarre swimsuit displaying Donald’s Trump’s startled face.

The ‘Shocked Trump One Piece’ is now on sale at Beloved Shirts, a quirky clothing site responsible for a whole back catalogue of barmy swimsuits that have been taking the internet by surprise in recent months.

Hand-cut and sewn in California, the swimsuit, which is sold in a range of sizes from XS to XXL, comes with a price tag of $49.95 (£39), down from $59.95 (£47).

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Beloved describes the suit, which is made of Poly Spandex and microfiber, as ‘ultra-soft’ and ‘flattering’.

Other unconventional swimsuits under the Beloved portfolio include a hairy chest one-piece and a ‘human anatomy’ suit.



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