Amazon flexes its muscle to capture lingerie market share

E-commerce giant Amazon’s presence in the lingerie market appears to be growing stronger by the day after a new report identified intimate apparel as one of its top-selling product categories.

Although the report shone a spotlight on its activities in the US, rather than the UK, it provides the clearest insight yet to the strength of its business in the lingerie space.

In the US, Amazon is expected to step ahead of Macy’s to become the biggest apparel seller in the US this year.

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While the online retail giant has been a prominent trader in the US for years, it has only recently stepped into the apparel industry.

Its rapid success has been attributed, in part, to intimate apparel sales, according to the report by retail consulting firm One Click Retail.

Men’s and women’s underwear accounted for 40% of Amazon’s top-selling apparel categories last year, for a total of $415m (£317m) in sales, according to the report.

Women’s intimates was the second largest category, behind men’s bottoms, with sales totalling $125m (£95m).

A majority of customers still prefer to shop in department stores over Amazon for clothing, shoes, and accessories, however.

Nearly 18% of consumers prefer to shop on Amazon, while 40% prefer to visit department stores, according to a recent survey by Cowen.



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