Agent Provocateur beats schoolwear at John Lewis

Lingerie line L’Agent by Agent Provocateur had more click throughs when it launched on John Lewis’s website in September than schooolwear, according to new research by the retailer.

The finding was made as the retailer compiled its first ever John Lewis Shop, Live and Look Report, a review put together by the department store group to expose Britain’s shopping tastes and habits over the past year.

The report created by John Lewis said that shoppers’ tastes in underwear are shaped significantly by where they live. It showed that push-up bras are most popular in London, while sales of suspenders are highest in the Northeast and Scottish shoppers have the biggest appetite for control underwear.

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John Lewis head of womenswear Jo Hooper said: "Understanding how tastes vary from region to region is a key part of our job – what sells well in London may not be flavour of the month in Liverpool.

“In lingerie, women tend to decide between either function or form. Customers will go for control underwear like Spanx or beautiful lingerie such as L’Agent by Agent More important than any other factor though is fit. With half of all bra sales coming from our free lingerie fitting service, whatever bra our customers choose they want a bra which fits perfectly.”


John Lewis lingerie sales by region

London: Londoners are 6% more likely to buy push-up bras, and black is the underwear colour of choice for most in the capital. The city is the most popular region for sales of Wonderbra.

Wales: The Welsh are 19% more likely to opt for red underwear.

North West: Thongs and G-strings are 18% more popular than the national average in this region. After London, it is also the most popular region for sales of Wonderbra.

North East: White, lacy numbers are most common here. Shoppers here are 45% more likely to buy suspenders than anywhere else in the UK and 96% more likely to purchase leopard-print underwear.

Scotland: Scottish shoppers are 35% more likely to go for shape and control underwear than anywhere else in the country. Along with those in Northern England, they are also most likely to buy large cup bra brands.

South West: Women in the West Country brethren are most likely to go for a basque – 98% higher than anywhere else in the country. They also have a penchant for pink underwear.

South East: This is the top region for Brazilian undies, which are 238% more popular in the South East than the rest of Britain.

Midlands: Nottingham is the UK’s top city for sales of lingerie tape.

East: Shoppers in the East of England buy in bulk. Three-packs of Sloggi white briefs are a bestseller, with sales up by 15% this year.




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