Aerie builds bra bot to provide more bespoke service for customers

Aerie’s #AerieReal ad campaign has proved popular with consumers.

Lingerie brand Aerie, a branch of American Eagle Outfitters and supplied in the UK, has launched a ‘chat bot’ designed to enhance consumer shopping.

Customers use the bot to shop bra styles based on the occasion and preferred fit or style by ‘chatting’ to the bot on a mobile device.

The technology has also been employed as a marketing tool to promote the company’s photos, videos and the #AerieReal hashtag.

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Pandorabots’ CEO, Lauren Kunze, told VentureBeat: “We worked closely with the Aerie team, including copywriters, designers, and brand voice to create a chatbot with a distinct persona that celebrates body positivity and promotes confidence in young women.”

On their phones, users chat to the bot – essentially a computer program – in this case created by Pandorabots, which then mimics conversation using artificial intelligence and suggests lingerie products accordingly.

Many brands use bots such as Kik Bot to connect with consumers, particularly millennials, and to market their products. Victoria’s Secret’s sub-brand, Pink, already utilises a chat bot.

The news comes as Aerie showed far quicker comparable growth than Victoria’s Secret and its direct competitor, Pink, earlier this month.

The table below indicates Aerie’s recent growth:

3Q 2015 4Q 2015 1Q 2016 2Q 2016 3Q 2016
Aerie 21% 26% 32% 24% 21%



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