ADVISORY: Fake agent using UK Lingerie Awards name

An e-mail has been sent to PR agencies, fashion magazines, modelling agencies and celebrity agents that invites models and celebrities to apply for all-expenses paid trips to the UK Lingerie Awards.

The e-mail is fraudulent, and its creator has no connection to the UK Lingerie Awards.

The UK Lingerie Awards is owned and run by Promedia Publishing Ltd., which also owns and operates The company’s managing director Rob Corder warns: "This is a scam and nobody should reply to the perpetrator or act on the invitation to apply for travel to the UK Lingerie Awards. We are taking legal advice, but want to issue a statement immediately that nobody should act on the invitation."

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The e-mail describes a completely false opportunity for celebrities and models to apply to be present at the UK Lingerie Awards. It is not clear what the scam hopes to achieve, but nobody should be fooled into providing any personal information in response to it.



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