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Lingerie Insight is your one-stop source for breaking news, comment, trading insight and buying inspiration, serving the lingerie industry.

The monthly magazine and website provide the latest global lingerie trends; expert business advice from retailers, wholesalers and designers; facts and figures on the state of the industry; and a forum in which all opinions can be aired and heard.

Lingerie Insight is an invaluable partner to anybody with an interest in profiting from the sale of lingerie. Covering the entire supply chain from design and manufacture to high street and online retailers and department stores, we are constantly uncovering business models and ideas that our readers can tap for profit.

With a UK focus but a global outlook, reaches out across the world to forge connections between designers, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers.

We’ve taken a fresh approach to circulation – breaking down the barriers to essential business information by making the magazine and website content free to all qualified industry professionals. Each month our magazine is posted to 4,000 key influencers in the UK lingerie and swimwear industry, ensuring our messages are received by those who matter.We have paid particular attention to reaching named buyers at the major department stores and online lingerie retailers, but also recognise that small independent boutiques are often the breeding ground of the greatest innovation in the lingerie industry.

To keep our readers informed between issues, is packed with vital breaking news, information and analysis – updated around the clock and promoted to lingerie executives via e-mail news alerts.

Lingerie Insight is a multiple-media, multichannel brand for the rapidly evolving contemporary lingerie and swimwear industry.

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