About the Girl hits Brighton Fashion Week

Local lingerie designer About the Girl is set to showcase its latest creations at Brighton Fashion Week’s Ready to Wear show.

During Brighton Fashion Week, the brand plans to compare ideas from other local up and coming designers, and see what elements of the general fashion industry as a whole could be utilised in the more specific lingerie sector.

About the Girl will also use the Ready to Wear show to debut some new conceptions to the public for the very first time.

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The idea for the About the Girl, brand was devised by business owner and head designer, Amelia Bath, who was diagnosed with breast cancer shortly after her 40th Birthday.

After her surgery, she was disappointed that she couldn’t find any sexy, yet comfortable, lingerie for women who had been affected by breast cancer. With a degree in bra making and textile technology, she decided to start making her pieces, initially selling them online.

Originally aiming for the post-mastectomy market, About the Girl rapidly gained the notice of women who hadn’t had any breast surgery, but ‘simply loved’ the brand’s style.

The lingerie has already been modeled by popular blogger, Kelly Short (of TV’s How to Look Good Naked), a photo-shot which helped lift the brand to the public eye.

About the Girl is entirely manufactured in the UK; overseeing the whole supply chain from its showroom and workshop, At Forty One, based in Haywards Heath, Sussex.



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