A new intelligent fitting room solution has launched to provide insights into consumer shopping behaviours.

SmartFit TrueView is designed to enable apparel retailers to cost-effectively track fitting room use, monitor time spent in fitting rooms, record conversion rates and track incidents of theft.

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The solution, developed by Indyme, a provider of real-time shopper engagement and loss prevention systems, also offers shoppers alternative lighting scenarios.

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Customers can choose from options such as daylight, office, and evening settings to see how they will look in different environments ahead of purchasing the item.

In high service retail environments, SmartFit TrueView can also be configured to allow shoppers to request a different size or colour from within the fitting room, or alternatively alert store personnel to promptly open fitting rooms that may be locked.

Retailers using the solution can adjoin fitting room activity with footfall data to make informed decisions about staffing levels across all stores.

Joe Budano, CEO of Indyme, commented: “In a generation where consumers now expect a positive in-store experience, the fitting room still causes significant issues for apparel retailers. Our apparel customers presented us with a challenge of enabling fitting rooms to provide critical and actionable information to improve operations, while enhancing the experience.

“SmartFit TrueView was born out of real life issues facing our apparel customers. This new product really showcases how Indyme is providing innovations that are cost-effective and effectively meet critical customer needs.”