60 SECONDS with Serena Williams

Wimbledon champion Serena Williams was named the face of Berlei International, a new merger of Berlei Europe and Berlei Australia, in May. Following the announcement, Lingerie Insight spoke briefly with the tennis star about her new role.

What made you choose to wear Berlei sports bras over other high-tech sports bras on the market?
For me, no other sports bra compare to Berlei. My mom discovered the bras for me over ten years ago and I’ve worn Berlei in every match ever since. The bras offer unbeatable support for medium- to high-impact sports and are the only sports bras rigorously tested by scientists at the Australian Institute of Sport.

How do you feel about representing Berlei International?
It’s exciting that Berlei is now global. Berlei bras cater for women of all sizes so it’s great that now women all over the world will be able to try them.

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What is your favourite Berlei sports bra and why?
My favorite sports bra is the Berlei High Performance, but I also love the new Shift sports bra as it’s so comfortable. The halter strap on this bra offers additional support (and looks great), with adjustable wide straps to minimize bounce – the perfect option for those who like a contoured sports bra.

What components should every sports bra offer to meet the needs of professional athletes like yourself?
I like simple, clean lines that offer support. If you are doing as much moving as I do on court, you need to know your bra is going to keep you comfortable and supported throughout. A smaller bust can bounce up to 8cm, but a larger bust can bounce up to 19cm without the right support. It’s about creating a balance between comfort and style.



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