60 SECONDS with Nicola Adams

Nicola Adams, the first woman to win an Olympic boxing title, was named the new face of Panache Sport in December. Following the announcement, the sporting champion took a quick break from training to chat to Lingerie Insight about her new role.

How do you feel about becoming the new face of Panache Sport?
I’m honoured and excited to be a part of the brand. It’s great to see that boxing is now becoming recognised by more women. I’m extremely passionate about the sport and I look forward to seeing what’s to come in the coming years.

What attracted you to the brand?
I like the Panache ethos and what it represents, honouring all women. The shoot I was a part of highlighted that women of all shapes and sizes can do what they put their mind to and that sport isn’t just for athletes. The company is Sheffield-based, family-run and gets involved in its local community. Being a Yorkshire girl myself, this is something that’s close to my heart.

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What is your favourite Panache Sport bra and why?
I like the red white and blue sports bra because it matches the GB flag colours. I also love the added bonus that you can adjust the straps into a racer back.

What features should every sports bra have to meet the needs of professional athletes?
It has to be comfortable, look good but also be durable. Panache Sport has got this spot on.

How have Panache Sport bras helped you in your training for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games?
They have helped me feel more comfortable in training. This is important because now I can focus on my training instead adjusting my sports bra.



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