5 Elements spells the end with heartfelt letter

5 Elements Berlin has announced that it will be cancelling its bodywear trade show, this summer, after a series of leading manufacturers failed to confirm their attendance.

In a heartfelt and touching letter, 5 Elements Berlin director Andrew Lookman said:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

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Much to my regret I have to tell you, that the planned event of 5 elements.berlin in summer 2011 will not take place.

5 elements.berlin started in summer 2009 with a new concept in the trade-show landscape. The idea of different but complementary areas to join in an event, has been rapidly overtaken by reality.

Through the elimination of the Bodylook in Dusseldorf, my team and I were suddenly confronted with the situation to serve a clear majority of exhibitors of the bodywear segment. This shouldn’t change the master plan of 5 elements.berlin basically – but the concept became more and more uninteresting for potential exhibitors in the areas of wellness, cosmetics and accessories by the dominance of lingerie and beachwear exhibitors. The necessary balance between the ‘elements’ could not be re-established.

After long and careful consideration, the Ocean Media decided to focus exclusively on the bodywear industry, starting with the 5 elements.berlin event in January 2011. The wish for a kick-off event in line of the Berlin Fashion Week has been signalled to us by many manufacturers. Well, for a felicitous kick-off event is not only the adequate date and location needed, but also a good assortment of brands, that offer the retail the chance to prepare comprehensively on the next order round. With 50 exhibitors and nearly 100 brands from the bodywear segment the first step was done even the setting was dissatisfying for me as responsible person.

As a result of the event in January 2011 we asked ourselves, whether a leading trade show for bodywear is required at all. At least we are talking about the strongest financial market in Europe. And this market should – in my opinion – offer also a trend-setting platform for the bodywear industry. We invited manufacturers in March for a round table to Berlin and conducted simultaneously from February to May a comprehensive retail survey.

At this point we would like to thank all loyal suppliers for their commitment and personal involvement at different levels and also we would like to thank the more than 1,000 retailers that have given us very open and constructive feedback to our questions.

The result of the discussions shows that a central German event is desired. The retail expects from a leading trade show, warrantable manner, a total presentation of many brands, where especially market leaders shouldn’t be missing. Today, the date of this decision, on 1st June 2011, 37 exhibitors with about 65 brands have confirmed their booking and we have the verbal communication of further exhibitors. But, too many manufacturers wait to see which competitors register.

How much we’re glad about the all in all development, it is nevertheless not enough (even if all verbal confirmations would confirm) to realise a meaningful leading trade fair for bodywear in Germany. From the perspective of visitors there won’t be an attractive exhibitor portfolio, the more so as the leading manufacturers of the segments lingerie and beachwear have given the current event a refusal.

At the same time the cancellation of this trade fair is the beginning of a comprehensive reorganization. Actually, the concept of the fashion shows should become realised in this summer 2011. This new approach of a central and particularly high profile and public affecting bodywear event was very well received by many brands that doesn’t visit traditional trade shows anymore at all. The response was great, the time for planning and implementing their own shows on site of the manufacturers was simply too short.

Against this background 5 elements.berlin closes now its doors to realise in January 2012 with the new fashion show concept a truly new and future-oriented show event.

I am looking forward personally to many suggestions to the new project and I promise to you an exciting presentation during the next weeks. Therefore I will give you the date at an early stage and would like to invite you for the presentation to the new location in Berlin.

One thing I can promise you already today: This new fashion show concept will be from the beginning international – it will take place in Berlin in the surrounding of the Fashion Week.

Once again I turn my kindest gratitude to all who have supported us and I appreciate your understanding for the absolutely necessary time for the restructuring of the fashion show events.

With kindest regards,

Andrew Lookman



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