3D mirror takes the fear out of lingerie shopping

A 3D mirror that can measure bra sizes has been earning rave reviews, with plaudits hailing it a game-changer as far as lingerie buying is concerned.

As revealed by Lingerie Insight in May this year, the mirror was first installed at Rigby & Peller’s flagship Knightsbridge store after a major refurbishment in the spring. Now the device has gone global after the retailer introduced it to its shop in Hong Kong.

The digital body scanner creates a 3D model of the upper body, recording over 140 measurements in less than a minute and determining the body type.

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One of the store’s lingerie stylists together with the 3D mirror will then recommend the most suitable styles and colours to complement the customer’s figure and shape.

The mirror photographs the customer in every product and displays the images on the monitor, allowing the customer to compare each product immediately, and choose their preferred styles.

Recent purchases, personal preferences and Shape ID information are all saved for your next visit, creating a unique shopping experience for the customer.

Rigby & Peller’s lingerie stylists use the mirror as an additional styling tool in order to take into account the different shapes and curves of each body.

Kelly Dunmore, store manager at Rigby & Peller in Mayfair, said: “Women who come for the first time to our store are often frustrated and embarrassed because they cannot find a bra that fits them perfectly. There is too much choice; they don’t know where to start looking. If you take a few minutes to let themselves be measured in our mirror, you will find out their unique ShapeID and can immediately show them all the styles available in their size.

In Hong Kong, where the service is still new, experts think it will eventually catch on among other retailers.

Reacting to the 3D mirror at the Rigby & Peller store, Jeanne Tan, professor at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, was quoted as saying: “I do think that it’ll become more common because I think as customers are exposed to such service they know that the level of service can be very high, i.e. they can actually pinpoint things so they do not have to spend too much time perusing and trying all the different products, so I think they will start demanding the same level of service.”



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