2nd Skin seeks bras for world record attempt

A lingerie company is looking for ladies to donate their ‘unwanted, unloved’ bras in support of a number of charities.

2nd Skin Lingerie Ltd is looking to collect 200,000 bras, which it will link up to break a Guinness World Record for the longest bra chain.

The bras in the chain will then be sponsored to help raise funds for Women’s Aid and Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

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Karen Tomalin, from 2nd Skin Lingerie, said: “Most women have bras that they either find uncomfortable or just don’t wear anymore that could be donated to this very special project. Several other women’s charities within the project will also benefit.”

The Bra Chain has now collected 100,000 bras, thanks to a donation of 10,000 bras from Triumph UK, but another 100,000 bras are needed to break the World Record taking place at Worcester Racecourse on 31st July 2011.

Bra recycling bins are going out across the UK, which are being sponsored by local companies and are being placed in local businesses, schools, colleges and hospitals.

If you would like to get involved in this special bra recycling campaign and help raise much needed funds for charity, contact Karen Tomalin on 01527 570229 or visit: www.brachain.org.uk



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