2bU to become ‘being U’

2bU, the lingerie brand that focus on producing underwear and loungewear for women of colour, has announced it is rebranding to ‘being U’.

The decision was made as ‘part of the company’s commitment and desire to ensuring that the entire brand profile is synonymous and core to the brands ethos.’

‘being U’ delivers specialised skin tone, size and body shape in nude lingerie for darker skinned women, as well as providing a ‘bra for the bottom’ – ‘specially designed briefs to fit various bottom shapes.’

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Founders Sadia Sisay and Sumana Mukhopadhyay spoke about the decision to change the brands name: “The move to change our company name to being U encapsulates our distinct focus to encourage women to be their true selves by embracing their shape, size and skin tone – being themselves, being you.”

Read our interview with the ‘being U’ founders in the August issue of Lingerie Insight.



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