25% of shoppers unfazed by online security attacks

A quarter of UK shoppers would continue to use a retailer’s website that has suffered a security attack or data breach, according to a new survey published ahead of Black Friday.

The poll of more than 500 UK consumers explores consumer trust in online sites, including retailers, banks, social networks and dating sites.

According to the survey, conducted by risk management company NTT Com Security, 24% of online users would stop using a site if it suffered a security attack and 44% would stop using it until the problem was fixed.

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However, 14% would only stop using the site if it suffered another security problem, while 11% would carry on using it regardless.

The survey also found that theft of credit card information (84%) is seen as the biggest threat to privacy when online, followed by identity theft (80%), viruses (70%), scam emails (60%) and governments/companies tracking your activity (35%).

Concerns over privacy of personal information (66%) and fears over fake or fraudulent websites (69%) are the top reasons that prevent people from using an online site, while 32% worry about making online payments.

Stuart Reed, senior director of Global Product Marketing at NTT Com Security, said: “Online businesses take note. While a significant minority says it would carry on using a site if it suffered a data breach, the majority would not – and this is lost business that will be very difficult to get back.

“It appears that concerns over theft and privacy of personal information is still a very real concern for people considering using services and shopping online. Given the number and scale of data breaches this year, it’s no surprise that people are concerned. But opportunities like Black Friday come round once a year and retailers should be capitalising on a potential online shopping bonanza.”



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