£1m of lingerie by Agent Provocateur founder stolen in Yorkshire

Serena Rees, who founded Agent Provocateur with Joe Corré in 1994, was set to launch her new label in September.

An estimated £1 million worth of unisex lingerie by new brand Les Girls Les Boys has been stolen from a parked lorry in Yorkshire while the driver was asleep.

Police are searching for 12,000 items designed by Serena Rees, who founded Agent Provocateur with her then-husband Joe Corré in 1994 before selling the business in 2007.

Les Girls Les Boys, which makes ‘gender fluid’ underwear, was set to launch on September 1, but some stores may now witness a delay in receiving stock.

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A source at the company told The Times that the fabric-sided lorry was cut open while it was parked at an industrial estate on the outskirts of Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

The lorry was 25 miles from its destination in Leeds, but the driver was obliged to stop because he had exceeded the number of driving hours permitted on his journey from Stuttgart.

South Yorkshire police have launched an investigation, and the brand has offered a cash reward for any information which leads to a prosecution.



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