£10,000 in lingerie stolen from Sadie The Bra Lady

Over £10,000 in lingerie and equipment was stolen from Sadie The Bra Lady in Consett, County Durham, on the night of August 26.

The thieves took 300 bras and a 100 pairs of best-selling underwear from the shop.

They broke in through the roof in heavy downfall, leaving a hole through which water poured, causing further damage to the premises and stock.

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Owner Sadie Ayton told Lingerie Insight: “Quite a lot of stuff was damaged with the water, but we got the roof fixed straight away.

“We have lost a lot of stock, very good stock, such as Fauve, which retails at £50 each.”

It is believed that the culprits undertook the burglary to order, as they only stole best-selling items, including lingerie from Eveden brands Freya, Fantasie and Fauve.

“It was the 32 DD, E and F,” said Ayton. “They had more of that size than other sizes. They didn’t bother with the 42 backs. They didn’t take any Gossard, they didn’t take any Panache. They took all the Fauve, which is the luxury brand.”

The thieves also took Ayton’s laptop and projector, which she uses to give talks at The Women’s Institute, and a small amount of petty cash.

The premises was not insured for theft and Ayten will be unable to recoup her losses.

“Unfortunately, we are not insured,” she said. “We are covered for fire, but not for theft.

“We have been paying for insurance for years and years. I might as well have been paying it into a savings account.

“If it had happened 30 or forty years ago, I would have gone out of business. I am just taking the loss.”

Ayton, who operates four premises under the Sadie The Bra Lady name, has since received national coverage for the incident, receiving mentions on radio stations and in the national press.

“I probably would have spent more than I lost on advertising to be honest,” she said. “You have to look on the bright side.

“I was gutted at first,” she added. “The police have been here and the forensic team has been in. They have one or two clues. There have been similar robberies where they have come through the roof.

“I have never been robbed. We have 150 odd sizes, so you think people won’t know what they want. But then people know sizes better, these days.”



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