10 million socks go missing in UK

Odd socks are a major UK problem with 10 million socks going missing, each year, a new survey by sock replacement service Socked.co.uk has revealed.

Nine out of ten men are reportedly plagued by the issue of odd socks and missing socks cost the average household £137 per year.

And, it is no laughing matter. Odd socks can affect men’s chances of a second date and even opportunities for promotion.

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According to the report, seven out of ten single ladies stated that that if a man were to arrive on a date wearing odd socks, they would not go home with him.

A lady, 27, from Leeds, said “If a man can’t be bothered to take care of himself or have any pride in his appearance then he’s hardly going to be a good husband or father is he?”

Furthermore, nine out of ten company managers stated that if a candidate arrived at a interview wearing odd socks it would seriously harm their chances of gaining the job and eight out of ten company managers stated that if an existing member of staff was to wear odd socks that would affect chances of promotion.

Socked.co.uk is a new black sock subscription service and missing sock replacement service.

Socks can be delivered once a month, every three months or twice a year, and customers can choose ‘any colour they want, as long as it is black’.

The service also supplies etiquette tips (socked.co.uk/tips) which, the company claims, if followed will guarantee to turn any man into a gentleman.





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